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Meditation/Zen Pan Seat Cushion

Meditation/Zen Pan Seat Cushion

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Generally used for cross-legged, can also be used as a meditation/zen seat cushion. Allows the pelvis to stand up for a healthy and ideal correct posture and prevents numbness in the legs even when sitting for long periods of time. This product is made using the techniques of Yanagawa specialty Hanakoza and Yanagawa city tatami craftsmen.

The pattern of Hana Goza is based on the plaid pattern of different colors of plaid, which is representative of Japan, and the Kakegawa weave, an intangible cultural property designated by Fukuoka Prefecture. In addition, the checkered pattern is made using the same technique as Kakegawa Oriori to beautifully express the unevenness of the checkered pattern.
It is placed in a tote bag with the [GOZA] logo. A registered trademark of [KENJI TATAMI] has been obtained.

size: 320x160x90mm

A country of origin: Japan
Material/Ingredient: Japanese rush
Three-layer polystyrene tatami board core material
Film (Slip Sheet)
SMD Polyurethane
tatami side

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