A cultural and creative craft tool made by combining the techniques of craftsmen from all over Japan.

High-quality craft tools with functional and contemporary designs using traditional Japanese craftsmanship and carefully selected origin materials.

Colorful and easy-to-use hand tools and gorgeous stationery make everyday life exciting.

Seki no bean ば さ み / Hasegawa blade × MARIMO

<Origin: Gifu・Fukuoka>

The blade manufacturing industry in Gifu Prefecture is very famous. Since ancient times, the best quality samurai swords are mainly made in Gifu. Seki no bean scissors are made by Hasegawa Knife, founded in 1933. It is flexible and lightweight at the fingertips.

There is a small silk thread at the end of the bean, which is handmade by MARIMO, a workshop in Chikugo City, Fukuoka. A pair of skillful hands creates fine and smooth silk.

Coupled with a protective case made of high-quality leather, Guan の bean is a small and elegant tool.

Itokiri ばさみ/Shozaburo × Matsushima Tsunyo Store

<Origin: Tokyo・Iga City>

Shozaburo was founded in Taito Ward, Tokyo in the 1800s, and its popularity is very popular among Japanese and overseas Japanese and foreigners.

The Matsushima Tsukushi shop is from Iga City, Mie Prefecture. The founder, Matsushima Shunsaku, is a traditional craftsman. He has thoroughly studied the traditional Japanese kimono craftsmanship to make silky silk that is shiny, smooth and careful.

Ge Yuzen の 巻 ruler / タケグチx original degree device

<Origin: Osaka・Kanagawa>

Leather Yuzen is a new type of technology that applies the Japanese traditional dyeing process "Yuzen Dyeing" to leather. The unique texture of the pattern and the soft, familiar feel of the leather are irresistible. The leather cover of "Ge Yuzen の Roll Ruler" is hand-sewn by craftsmen, stitch by stitch.

The production of "Ge Yuzen" was produced by Mr. Takeguchi, an Osaka craftsman. His original dyeing technique uses special pigments to make "Yuzen dyeing", which gives the pattern a concave and convex texture.

The tape measure is made by the craftsman "Original Instrument" in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The factory was established in Meiji 39 (1906), and has been producing extremely precise long-major rulers as its main business. Therefore, this tape measure is able to achieve extremely high precision and durability standards.

Banshu Ornamental Cypress Needle Mountain / Nakauchi x Saito Store

<Origin: Wakayama・Hyogo>

The wooden base of the needle mountain is made of cypress wood from Kiiyama, Japan, and is produced by the buckle manufacturing factory "Nakauchi" founded in 1913.

The fabric is environmentally friendly. The fabric used is the Hyogo prefecture's specialty Banshu weave. The fabric is smooth and skin-friendly, and is a high-quality fabric in Japan. The fabric used in Needle Mountain is made from scraps and leftover fabrics in the production process of Banshu Ori and Saito Shop.

The wooden seat of the needle bag is equipped with a small leather buckle, which can be used to hang it in front of the neck.