Collection: Mino-yaki

Ceramics (UTSUWA) are officially classified as "traditional crafts" by Japan, which can be subdivided into more than 40 categories based on differences in soil used, firing techniques, regions, etc.

Most of these ceramics are named according to their place of origin and are widely known throughout Japan. From so many categories, we have specially selected a few ceramics that are very representative and very popular overseas to share with you.


Mino ware is produced in the Tono area of ​​Gifu Prefecture, and Toki City in Gifu Prefecture, known as "Japan's No. 1 ceramic production center," is the center of its development. Its roots can be traced back to 1300 years ago. It is characterized by its ability to highlight the texture of earth and its highly modern design. It is a type of ceramic with diverse characteristics.

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