Whether you are a beginning educator or an actively developing educational institution, this space can help you improve your teaching quality and experience. Giving you a dynamic experience no matter you are at a start up or more.

  • Eliminate cumbersome administration

    Renting a COOLISTIC space means you don’t have to worry about lease, decoration, management, maintenance and other trivial matters. You can rent it now, or you can ask us for equipment requirements, and we will bring you a better activity environment. Reduce operating costs and workload of handling daily administrative projects.

  • Expand admission network

    We have branches in Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong, covering many residential areas in Tsuen Tsing Kwai, Shatin Tai Wai, New Territories West, the entire East Kowloon and Hong Kong Island East. This can not only expand the network and increase the enrollment rate, but also facilitate the gathering area. Taught by internal students. Develop markets for you, increase coverage, and solve temporary classroom needs.

  • Flexible plan

    COOLISTIC has branches in Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong, offering shared space or private room options. It provides you with the highest flexibility in terms of location and usage space, and you can choose the space and location you need according to different activities.

    It can save rent and expenses and can rent classrooms flexibly, which is something that is difficult to achieve when renting a studio by yourself.

  • Assist in publicizing admissions

    We are active on social media, and with more than 16,600 followers interacting, you can submit your activities to us and put them on the media to increase your exposure.

    In the publicity, participants can also sign up directly to assist in enrolling students. Share media resources and increase market exposure.

  • Special equipment for children

    To allow children to enjoy activities happily and comfortably,

    The space is equipped with special tables, chairs and activity cushions for children, so that activities can be carried out safely and appropriately.

  • Convenient arrangements for parents

    The two stores are located near shopping malls, so parents can hang out while waiting. At the same time, a waiting area for parents is also set up in the store, where parents can sit and wait quietly.

Nature of activity

Educational teaching job

Pass on knowledge and inspire others with more wisdom

Contribute your knowledge to bring others wisdom

There are no restrictions on teaching content, and we welcome different types of teaching activities. From single classes, short-term courses to regular classes, the flexible plan is suitable for any size.

Events held in our space include:

Diving Certificate Course|Photography Course|Social Worker Vocational Training Course

Psychiatric therapy courses | Psychological courses | Japanese courses | Various cultural and creative activities | Regular painting classes | Private tutoring | Homework guidance, etc...

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Nature of activity

Crafting and hobby workshop Cultural and creative handicraft workshop

Use your craftsmanship to bring a better life to others

Bring a better life to others from your handcrafting.

In a harmonious atmosphere full of cultural creativity and learning, your event experience will be enhanced. Coupled with the various packages we have prepared for you early in the morning, the effect is twice the result with half the effort.

You just need to focus on letting the students enjoy the workshop process, and leave the rest to us.

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Nature of activity

Kids and Parents Workshop Children and Parents Workshop

Bring happiness and knowledge to children with your creativity

Bringing happiness and knowledge to children from your creativity.

The needs of children are very different from those of adults. We take care of the needs of children and parents for you, and you only need to focus on the activities.

The safe and flexible space combines the harmonious atmosphere and diversity of a shared space with the safety of a children's activity room. It can be used for activities such as painting and handicrafts to cultivate the mind and spirit, and it can also be used for workshops to vent energy such as dance and drama.

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Nature of activity

Yoga and spiritual Yoga stretching and spiritual cultivation

With your guidance, bring others a better body, mind and soul

Bring a better mental and physical health to others from your guiding.

A quiet and stable place, where you don’t have to worry about your competitors, allows you to guide students from the heart to recover physically, mentally and spiritually. Because this is a diverse space, there will be no sense of inconsistency when holding different activities. On the contrary, it breaks away from the established sense of style and can throw away the shackles in the process to achieve an event experience without any sense of disobedience.

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  • Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan

    Nan Fung Center Nan Fung Center


    The subway station is directly accessible by sky bridge in one minute. It is located on a high floor, and the 180-degree floor-to-ceiling glass provides a panoramic view from Tsuen Wan to Tsing Yi. In winter, you can enjoy the famous "Tingjiu Bridge Sunset".

  • Kwun Tong Kwun Tong

    Entrepot Center Harbor Trade Center


    The air-conditioned passage is next to the APM shopping mall, and it completely avoids the crowded Kwun Tong streets. It also provides an ideal place for parents waiting for pick-up and drop-off activities to hang out.

  • North Point 北角

    Kam Ping St. 錦屏街



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