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Nosaku started manufacturing castings in 1916. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly produced Buddhist utensils, tea sets, and vases. Around 1965, it was possible to produce a vase with a modern design, which was very popular. By 1985, the current president, Katsuji Nosaku, reformed and developed a series of new products based on years of experience and technology in casting. Later, the exhibition "Ring‧Lin‧Rin" held by "Nozuku" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 2001 attracted much attention, and established its image of contemporary and fashionable tinware products.

Casting Technology

To make Takaoka Copperware, you need to make a model first.
A mold is then made according to the shape of the model, and molten metal is poured into the mold. Finally, after casting, welding, grinding, gold carving and coloring and other decorations, it's done.

Every technique in the process requires superb professional skills, so the entire project is thoroughly divided, and full-time personnel are responsible for the implementation.

Experience the production of Japanese craftsmen

You can also experience the fun of hand forging at home. Taste the craftsmanship of Takaoka Copperware, a traditional handicraft that has been tempered for 400 years.

"Hammer mesh" refers to the pattern made by the hammer. You can use the hammer to tap the pattern on the surface of the cup to create a unique and exclusive sake cup.

The 100% pure tin cup is soft in texture, and the pattern can be knocked out even without force, so it is a handmade experience group suitable for men, women and children. Create your very own personal sake glass and bring new joy to everyday boredom.

  • Antibacterial effect of pure tin

    Pure tin has antibacterial effect and is very safe to use. Even if it is loaded with wine, it will not dissolve harmful substances, is non-toxic, and is safe for health. The tin vase makes the water less likely to deteriorate and prolongs the life of the flowers.

    The calm brilliance of pure tin sets off the delicate and beautiful posture of the flower.

    Because of the good heat conduction effect of pure tin, put pure tin cups or pure tin utensils in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes in advance, and they will quickly become cold, making cold dishes such as sashimi and salad more delicious.

  • Extensibility of pure tin

    Because pure tin is too "soft", tin products on the market are usually mixed with harder copper and antimony to increase the hardness of tin so that the product will not be easily deformed.

    However, it can do the opposite, boldly adopt 100% pure tin material, and develop the world's first "pure tin deformation vessel" in 2003, bringing an unprecedented breath to the home decoration market.

    When not in use, the Magic Storage Basket can be restored to a flat shape by flattening it, which is very convenient for daily storage and is a beautiful and practical gift.

  • Thermal conductivity of pure tin

    The heat conduction efficiency of pure tin is excellent, and the products that can be made are made of 100% pure tin. After pouring cold drinks, the whole container will become cold.

    Put the pure tin cup in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes, fill it with wine, iced coffee, and juice, and you can enjoy a variety of refreshing and cold drinks.

    ※Do not put pure tin utensils into the freezer to avoid deterioration and damage of pure tin utensils. Also avoid keeping pure tinware in the freezer for more than 30 minutes.

  • Pure tin makes drinks smoother and smoother

    It is generally believed that tin can remove the miscellaneous taste of wine and make the taste of wine more warm and smooth.

    Since ancient times in Japan, it has been believed that "warming wine with tin utensils will enhance the flavor of the wine." From this we can see that tin utensils and wine are a match made in heaven.

    It can be made of 100% pure tin to make wine vessels. The tin is warm and calm, adding elegance to the whole table.

    The pure tin wine vessels that can be made have various shapes and unique designs. In addition to pure tin wine vessels, Nosaku also has gorgeous gold leaf wine vessels. You might as well choose a favorite pewter and enjoy the warm and smooth drink!

Fujiko. F. Fujio is the author of Japan's most representative anime character "Doraemon".

His hometown is Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, the capital of foundry.