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Beetales is a Hong Kong social enterprise that aims to conserve local bees. It conducts bee rescues, operates bee farms, educates the public on correct knowledge about bees, and launches locally collected honey products to reach out to those who are interested in bees in Hong Kong. Citizens who are relatively unfamiliar with conservation work.

Mead, honey wine, is said to be the favorite of the Nordic gods, and is also the origin of the name "Honey Moon" after marriage. In ancient times, Europe would prepare a month's worth of mead for newlyweds to enjoy the sweetness in the first month after marriage. The romance of the ancients was always poetic.

Mead belongs to the category of liquor, with an alcohol concentration of about 9-11% . It is brewed with low-yield but sweet and layered local duck-foot honey and wine fermentation. It has a sweet and easy-to-eat taste, and is sealed with natural beeswax.

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