Fujiko. F. Fujio is the author of "Doraemon", the most representative anime character in Japan. His hometown is Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, the capital of casting.

In front of the station in Takaoka City, you can see the cute Doraemon postbox, and there are Doraemon bronze statues with smiling faces when you walk on the street. In addition, you can see Doraemon trams in the city (to August 2018) on the street.

Takaoka City is a city where you can meet Doraemon at any time, and this series of products designed in the image of "Doraemon" are carefully crafted by Nosaku, a well-known casting brand also from Takaoka City. Cute Doraemon and secret props make your daily life more colorful.

  • Doraemon has become a 100% pure tin cup!

    Since ancient times, tinware has been said that "the water put into the tinware is not perishable", or "it can remove the miscellaneous smell of wine and make the wine taste better", so tin is often used to make wine vessels or tea sets.
    Tin tableware has antibacterial effect and is very safe to use.
    The heat conduction effect of tin is good, put the cup in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes in advance, the cup will become cold quickly, and you can enjoy a cool cold drink easily.
    The mischievous appearance of the Doraemon-shaped cup swinging on the table is very healing.

  • Turn pure tin utensils into practical props in your life

    The chopstick rest set is designed in the image of Doraemon's secret props, including five kinds of bamboo dragonfly, Doraemon's bell, random door, small flashlight and memory bread. Every day, according to the mood of the day, use different secret chopstick rests, this kind of fun makes people look forward to the dining time even more. Tin tableware has antibacterial effect and is very safe to use. In order to increase the hardness of tin products, general merchants usually add other metals. However, in order to fully demonstrate the characteristics of tin, Nosaku is specially made of pure tin.

  • Pure tin makes drinks smoother and smoother

    A small square plate made of pure tin designed in the image of time cloth.

    The softness of 100% pure tin allows the small square plate to be shaped and used arbitrarily. In addition to being used as tableware, the time cloth small square plate can also be used as a jewelry plate and coaster.

    Due to the good heat conduction effect of tin, place the small square plate in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes in advance, and the plate will become cold quickly, making cold dishes more delicious. Tin tableware has antibacterial effect and is very safe to use.

  • Doraemon magic storage basket KAGO

    The Doraemon Magic Storage Basket vividly demonstrates the softness of tin. After being pulled and bent, it can be molded into the shape of a storage basket. The hollow design in the middle of the storage basket shows the figure of Doraemon. The cute and compact storage basket is very suitable as a snack basket or small storage basket.