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In the world of Hong Kong Maper, feel the classic elegance of Hong Kong! Our mission is to recreate the nostalgic map of Hong Kong and reinject the past era into the present. From mouse pads to hanging paintings, from puzzles to coffee mugs, our daily necessities are like time machines, letting past memories and traditions bloom in your hands.

Hong Kong Maper is not only a brand name, but also the founder’s deep affection for Hong Kong. We work hard with every Hong Kong person to pursue their ideal life, feel the spirit under the Lion Rock, and build their own identity. Through our map products, we showcase the unique spirit of Hong Kong people and connect the past and present. We firmly believe in the power of stories and memories to bridge time and distance, allowing people to experience the essence of Hong Kong together.

In the passing years, we have witnessed many changes, accompanied by laughter and tears. However, in these changes, we may have forgotten some of the feelings of the old days. Therefore, we use advanced computer restoration technology to transform Hong Kong’s ancient maps, iconic landmarks and symbols into a series of retro-themed products to once again present the glory of Hong Kong in the past. Whether you are in Hong Kong or have left Hong Kong for education, work or immigration, we hope to help you bring back your memories of the past.

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