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Banshu knitting needle bag made of Kii mountain cypress wood

Banshu knitting needle bag made of Kii mountain cypress wood

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Established in 1953, Cohana has created a high-quality hand tool brand in cooperation with local Japanese industries, using its accumulated knowledge of handicraft development over many years. Cohana has always aimed to be a brand loved not only by craft lovers, but also by those who like unique and original stationery.

Each of Cohana's products is handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen, by combining the different handicrafts of each craftsman to make the most exquisite products. This mini bag combines craftsmanship from Tokyo, Erara and Hiroshima.

The wooden base is made of Kamikii mountain cypress, while the cloth surface is made of Hyogo's famous traditional cloth, Banshu weaving.

In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, the fabrics are made from scraps of fabrics produced by the workshop, making the best use of everything.

The wooden base and satin design are simple and delicate, and the mini size and leather/cloth rope can be turned into an accessory. Both materials have a skin-friendly touch and feel comfortable when worn.

Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 35 mm

*The base uses natural wood, so the color and texture are different for each. Hot or humid places may crack or deform.
*The surface is made of fabric, it is normal to pierce the thick needle to make the fabric open.
*Leather tags are made of genuine leather and may expand and contract slightly. Discoloration when wet with water or sweat.

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