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Shosaburo Iga Braided String Scissors

Shosaburo Iga Braided String Scissors

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Cohana was established in 1953 , using the traditional handicraft development knowledge accumulated over the years to create high-quality hand tool brands in cooperation with local Japanese industries. Cohana has always aimed to be a brand loved not only by craft lovers, but also by those who like unique and original stationery.

Shozaburo's scissors are made with great care and are of excellent quality. The braided rope on the scissors is a traditional Japanese handicraft. The history of Iga-gumi-rope can be traced back to the Nara period (710-794). With the rise of the samurai class, many braids for armor and swords and arrows appeared, resulting in a weapons-centered braiding culture. Beautifully woven dyed silk threads create a cord with a unique texture and quality. Cohana combines two traditional handicrafts, resulting in this product produced by different handicrafts. This thread scissors combines craftsmanship from Tokyo and Mie.

*The knife is very sharp, please use it with care.
*Before the first use, wipe off the protective oil on the surface so as not to stain the material.
*To prevent the blade from rusting, wipe the silver part of the blade lightly with an oiled cloth after use.
*The scissors cover is made of genuine leather and may expand and contract slightly. Discoloration when wet with water or sweat.

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