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Kii mountain cypress wood Banshu weaving necklace needle bag x dragonfly jade needle gift set

Kii mountain cypress wood Banshu weaving necklace needle bag x dragonfly jade needle gift set

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Founded in 1953, Cohana utilizes the handicraft development knowledge accumulated over the years to create a high-quality hand tool brand in collaboration with local Japanese industries. Cohana has always aimed to become a brand loved not only by craft lovers, but also by those who love unique and original stationery.

Each of Cohana's products is handmade by Japanese craftsmen, and is made into the most exquisite product by combining different handicrafts of each craftsman. This mini needle bag combines the skills of workers from Tokyo, Nara and Hiroshima.

The wooden base is made of cypress wood from the Ukii Mountains, while the cloth cover is made of Hyogo's famous traditional fabric Banshu weaving. In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, the fabric is made from the scraps of cloth produced at the factory, so that everything can be used to its full potential.

The wooden base and satin design are simple and exquisite. The mini size and leather/cloth rope can be shaken into an ornament. Both materials have a skin-friendly touch and feel comfortable when worn on the body.

Dragonfly Jade is also known as Dragonfly Ball. The origin of the name is that there are different patterns in the glass ball, like the change of light through the compound eyes of a dragonfly, which produces different brilliance and beauty.

The glass-firing technique used to make dragonfly jade is called Millefiori, which means thousand flowers. This technique has a history of hundreds of years. After dragonfly jade is made, it is welded to the needle with a flame rod. After the dragonfly jade is made, it is about 5mm in diameter, and the beauty of flowers and patterns blooms in this small world. The needles are made in Hiroshima Prefecture, a needle production area with a history of about 300 years. Care has been taken to ensure ease of use, beauty and functionality.

Needle bag: diameter: 33m, height: 35mm
Needle (a pack): Length: 35mm
Dragonfly jade diameter: 5mm, thickness: 0.5mm

*Since waiting pins are handmade, sizes and patterns may vary.
* If the glass part is pulled hard, it may come off.
*Wipe off sweat and grease after use to prevent rust.
*Please note that damage or injury may result if you use it for any purpose other than sewing.
*Keep out of reach of babies.
*Because it is made of natural wood, please avoid the strong temperature difference between cold and heat.

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