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Nagoya Kin no Mei coffee beans 200g

Nagoya Kin no Mei coffee beans 200g

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This coffee bean [金之錿] is The confident work of Kato Coffee Shop is the crystallization of passion, and after many trials and errors, it finally reaches the satisfactory taste. Using the finest Papua New Guinea coffee beans and roasting them to a slightly darker Heavy roast.
[It's so roasted that it can't drink anything else. ]
This is a premium specialty blend coffee with a rich flavor that you can't drink anymore
other coffee.

Fragrance: ★★★★

Thick: ★★★☆

Sweetness: ★★★☆

Bitterness: ★★★☆

Sour: ☆☆☆☆

Kato Coffee Shop was founded in Nagoya in 1986 and is a famous coffee shop in the area.

The owner, Tatsuya Kato, introduces the world champion coffee beans selected as the highest level in the Cup of Excellence, and roasts them in his own way, bringing out the different flavors of different countries.

Weight: 200g

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