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Knitted eco-friendly bag (beige)

Knitted eco-friendly bag (beige)

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Multipurpose reusable bags are a must for everyday outings. A perfect reusable bag needs to be light, large capacity, easy to clean... 365. Knitted reusable bag can meet every requirement.

The knitted design, the small size after folding, and the weight of only 55 grams, will not increase the burden of the outgoing bag, no matter how small the outgoing bag can accommodate it.

Made of 100% polyester, with a mesh design, it dries very easily. It can be used immediately after taking it out of the washing machine. After washing it at night, you can put it in the bag in the morning and continue to use it, and it will not become wrinkled due to cleaning. Can be used every day.

S: 32X54cm
L: 42x62cm

Made in Japan

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