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Bead Incense Holder & Forest Incense Set - Tin

Bead Incense Holder & Forest Incense Set - Tin

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The round bead incense seat set with simple shape fully shows the original beauty of metal.

Available in pure tin and brass. Each incense stick set is carefully crafted using traditional casting techniques in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, and selected from the deep forest incense sticks from the well-known old shop "Shoeido" in Kyoto, Japan, which is full of phytoncide and the freshness of young leaves. In the wisps of light smoke, as if walking into the forest.

The fragrant fragrance will settle your tiredness of the day.

Product size:
φ77 x H8 (mm)
Material: Diffuser Dish/Tin (100%) Incense Stand/Yellow copper
Origin: Toyama Prefecture, Japan Weight Capacity: 270g

※Comes with 20 sticks of "Deep forest" incense sticks of "Shoeido", 7cm, and the burning time is about 15 minutes.
※All products are hand-cast, and the appearance of each product will be slightly different. In addition, air holes and flow marks generated during casting are not included in the scope of defects.

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