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Tokonameyaki Lucky Cat Money Poppy

Tokonameyaki Lucky Cat Money Poppy

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The simple and solid color Lucky Cat Qian Ying has cute two dots of red on her cheeks. Made from the Tokoname-yaki technique, it combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.


Produced in Tokoname City on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, it is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan and originated in the late Heian period.

This place has been famous for making daily necessities such as large bottles and jars since ancient times. The production of tea ceremony utensils began in the Momoyama period. By the Edo period, people cleverly took advantage of the high iron content of local clay to produce vermilion-yaki, white-niyaki, hiro-yaki and other pottery products , laying the foundation for modern pottery.


Made in Japan

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