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Guizhizi Shuzi Brown Brush

Guizhizi Shuzi Brown Brush

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Kamiko Tsukiko was founded in the 40th year of Meiji (1907). It is a long-established store of Japanese cleaning tools with a history of more than 100 years, "Kamuka Tsukiko Store", and Kamの子 still produces and designs best-selling high-quality products today.
Known as "One of the Three Great Inventions of Japan", "Kaminoko Betsuko" is an invention that Japan is proud of, and it is popular not only in Japan but also abroad. "亀の子村子" can handle a lot of daily cleaning work, and use "亀の子松子" together with the famous Japanese cleaning products!

The "Kame no Son Tsukiko" brown brush, which has a history of one hundred years in Japan, uses pure natural materials and has a playful design with cute colors and bright horizontal stripes. The "Kame no Koko" brown brush made of white coconut fiber and polypropylene is rolled into a round shape, which greatly improves durability and functionality.

The texture is hard, thick and the brush is neat, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use. Its particularly dense palm fiber makes it more clean when used. Whether it is scrubbing iron pots or stainless steel plates, they are the most convenient and necessary items. There is also a unique button hanging technology, which is convenient for hanging in the kitchen. You can also make your own as a keychain scrub brush.

No. 1 Small: 110
In No. 3: 150mm
Big 4: 180mm

Country of Origin: Japan
Raw materials: palm fiber, iron wire
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