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Shigaraki yaki lake water green bowl

Shigaraki yaki lake water green bowl

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Craftsmen are inspired by "the various shapes that nature creates and have various emotions and personalities". Let each piece resonate with the mind and body, full of playfulness.

Shigaraku-yaki is one of the six ancient kilns. It uses different types of pottery to make it look rough, but it is very natural and beautiful. The narrow bowl bottom of the work forms a unique design, but it does not lose practicality and beauty.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8 cm
Material: Ceramic Origin: Japan

*Due to handmade products, color, shape, size, etc. may vary slightly.

*Before the first use, wash with water and soak for half a day to remove the odor and dust on the packaging material.

*The bottom of the bowl is not glazed and not smooth, in order not to hurt the table, it is recommended to use a placemat when using.

*If food with heavy ingredients such as acid, grease, and alcohol is stored for a long time, it will cause stains, peculiar smell, and stickiness. Avoid storing such items for extended periods of time.

* Avoid using in the microwave, it may cause the glaze to discolor or crack.

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