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Japanese origin self-painted gift box set - Lucky Cat

Japanese origin self-painted gift box set - Lucky Cat

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The self-painting gift box set allows you to draw unique Japanese origin objects with one stroke by yourself. It is very interesting to give to others.

The pottery made of Japanese objects can be colored with different pigments, including the plastic color that comes with the set, as well as marker pens, advertising colors, oil paints, spray paints and other paints.

The wooden table made of beech makes your creation more beautifully displayed.


Lucky Cat: The right hand attracts wealth, and the left attracts popularity. Some people hope to have both, so there are also two-handed lucky cats.

Dharma: There are blessings for eliminating disasters, praying for home safety, good health, peace and happiness, etc., and also encouraging the spirit of never falling down. The eye part is left blank. The general custom is to draw the left eye after praying first, and then draw the right eye after the wish is fulfilled.

The origins of Japan are all in different colors for different blessings, you can refer to:

  • Red: good luck, safe home
  • White: achieve the goal
  • Black: Prosperous business, disaster relief, prayer for success
  • Yellow: money luck, increase wealth
  • Green: good health
  • Blue: academic, exam luck
  • Pink: love luck, marriage luck
  • purple; health and longevity
  • Gold: Career achievement, fortune
  • Silver: Self-actualization


Set includes:

Pottery origin (approximately 8-10cm) x1pc

beech veneer x1pc

plastic color suit x1pc

brush x1pc

thank you card x1pc

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