Tsukiyono Workshop

[Moon Yeye Workshop] is a high-end glass workshop, a brand that combines crystal glass technology with contemporary design style.

The name of the Tsukiyono Workshop comes from the fact that the workshop is located in the Tsukiyono area of Gunma Prefecture.

Beijing wild vegetable series

NEKO GOHAN recycled glass glass feeding bowl

  • The best height for cats

    The height of the feeding bowl is carefully arranged to keep the cervical spine and esophagus level when the cat eats.

    This is because if the height of the feeding bowl is too low, the cat's esophagus will be bent, making it easy to swallow, and at the same time increasing the load on the cat's cervical spine.

    If the height is too high, it will also increase the burden on the cat's stomach, and the stomach will be compressed and cause vomiting.

  • Anti-tipping design

    The feeding bowl is tilted to keep the cat's licking force at the center point. Coupled with the design of the upper and narrower bowl bottoms with the proportional design, the risk of overturning is further reduced.

  • Also suitable for small dogs

    Although designed primarily for cats, it is also suitable for small dogs.