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Fukushima Sanwa Textile Sashiko Woven Card Holder

Fukushima Sanwa Textile Sashiko Woven Card Holder

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A knitted fabric card holder jointly developed with Sanwa Textiles in Fukushima Prefecture.
The unique atmosphere of geometric patterns and the texture of carefully woven fabrics bring a new feeling to traditional fabrics.
Abstract geometric patterns, everyone sees and feels differently.
It is a large piece of fabric with a printed pattern cut and processed, so the pattern of each work will be a little different,
Therefore, each one is unique, which is also the biggest feature of this style.

There are two pockets inside,
Can hold about 30 business cards of general thickness.
The pockets are cut at an angle for easy card removal.

Sashiko weaving is the use of weaving technology to make fabrics that look like sashiko embroidery. Basically, it is different from the hand sewing of sashiko embroidery. The pattern is woven on the fabric during the weaving stage.

※There may be a difference between the product color in the photo and the actual color, please forgive me.

7 cm (L) x 11.2 cm (W)
Material/Composition: 100% Cotton

Country of manufacture: Japan
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