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GREEN BELL Premium Stainless Steel Bevel Nail Clippers

GREEN BELL Premium Stainless Steel Bevel Nail Clippers

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This nail clipper is designed with an oblique curved blade that can easily be inserted into the gap between the nail and the skin, and is used for deformed or ingrown nails.
Especially the front-end processing, for example, is a particularly particular nail clipper specially designed to cut toenails.
The grooves on the handle are ergonomic, making it easy to apply force and hold.
Special grade forged steel + anti-rust coating processing to improve durability.

An old brand established for more than 50 years, the factory is located in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is the third largest tableware production place in the world - the city of knife blades. It is famous for being hard to break, not easy to bend, and very sharp. Through the knives created by professional knifemakers, tradition is combined with modern technology to develop a number of products such as kitchen knives, scissors, and nail clippers, which have established brand value and continued traditional craftsmanship. The products have also won the Japan Good Design Award many times, and their quality control is worthy of the award. trust.

size: Length 88mm
Country of production: Japan

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