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"Cartography" meaning "map creation" in English. 
Memories of a pleasant trip, the land of yearning that I want to go, food and drinks that I want to taste. 
It is a white map for adults who can write memories and dreams in such a head with free ideas. 

Cult Grant Notebook (A5 size) is a white map drawing that can be used as a travel diary by dividing the Japanese archipelago into 5 areas in Hokkaido / Tohoku / Kanto / Kansai / China / Kyushu / Okinawa, and writing down memories of visited places. Ring note type with rubber band can be used like a notebook or sketchbook, taken out of a trip. 

Product Size :W 220 x H155 x D12mm
Paper Size : 210 x 148mm Individual
Packaging Size : W 220x H155x D15mm
Quantity : 30 Pcs ( 5 Pattern x 6 Pcs Each ) 

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper