• 促銷熱賣
  • 定價 HK$90.00

"Cartography" meaning "map creation" in English. 
Memories of a pleasant trip, the land of yearning that I want to go, food and drinks that I want to taste. 
It is a white map for adults who can write memories and dreams in such a head with free ideas. 

The cartography (A4 size) has a map and a 5 mm wide grit printed on one side, it is easy to cut by padding process and can be used easily. 
It does not get in the way even if you have it with a travel magazine, and it is the size to quickly enter the bag. 

You can do various uses such as planning a trip, draft of a poster type, sending a letter from a traveling destination.

Product Size : 297x 210mm
Individual Packaging Size : W 312x H213x D5mm
Quantity : 30 Pcs 

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper