Zero Japan

Zero Japan Parsons茶壺 (日本製) 白色

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  • 定價 HK$222.00

ZERO JAPAN Universal Teapot for 2 people White 
Universal Teapot - White 

A long-selling teapot of ZERO JAPAN that is popular in 45 countries around the world. 
A stainless steel lid of distinctive design is fixed to the main body with clip type. 
This prevents damage due to falling as well as design, it also combines the functionality and convenience that you can use with one hand. 

※ Manufacturer's convenience changed from 2019/1 to the president's age ※ The upper ZERO JAPAN logo is a seal 

Recommended use: Teapot 


Width /14x9cm 
Height /10cm 
capacity (When filled with water )/350cc 
Weight /About 295g


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: porcelain /Mino Ware (made in Japan )
Package: Individual box