MARNA 浴室專用拖鞋 MARNA bathroom slippers

  • 促銷熱賣
  • HK$60.00
  • 定價 HK$120.00

MARNA 浴室專用拖鞋設計輕便,易於穿著,柔軟待設計讓你在蹲下時,也不會令腳背和鞋底感到不適。

實用及簡約時尚的外型,讓產品榮獲2018 GOOD DESIGN大獎。

尺寸:113x 102 x 279mm ( 23.5〜25cm )
The MARNA bathroom slippers are designed to be light and easy to wear. The material is soft and it will not  hurt your heel or feel uncomfortable when squatting.  
The designer also added a lot of ingenuity to the overall design, allowing you to have different choices in storage. You can hang it on the pole or hook or lean against the wall without falling.
Humanized design and simple and stylish looks helps the product to win GOOD DESIGN award in 2018.
Color: white, gray
Size: 113x 102 x 279mm (23.5 ~ 25cm)