METAPHYS 方形鑄鐵香座 (日本匠製)

  • 促銷熱賣
  • 定價 HK$622.00

By making the shape as minimal as possible while we can see the situation of ash scattering all over the place, which tends to happen with stick-type incense, through the shape. satisfying its functions, we made the two shapes of a square and a cylinder utilizing the texture of cast iron, which suits both Japanese and modern spaces. 

quolo is incense incense stand of cast iron corresponding to incense of both stick type and cone type. 
I solved the problem of scattering ashes around the stick type incense which is common. 
While miniaturizing the shaping that fulfills the function as much as possible, while taking advantage of the texture of cast iron's casting surface, 
We made two shapes of cylindrical shape and prismatic shape that fits in both Japanese space and modern space.

Square / W 55mm x H55mm x D55mm

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Cast Iron /cast iron
Package: Individual box