FREIHEIT Freestyle 筆記本 A5 (Light Green) 日本製

  • 促銷熱賣
  • 定價 HK$28.00

日本製造的FREHEIT freestyle notebook。
Freheit 在德文意即自由, 而這本筆記簿就是以沒有規限的設計來製作。
120頁,頁面使用5mm格線方便對位和劃分, 對開後A5 大小方便單手攜取。

"Freiheit (fly height)" ... 

FREIHEIT (meaning "freedom" in German) 

With free thought and free design that is not bound by the concept of stationery until now, 

We will propose products that crawl closely along one page of your life. 

It consists of three themes "Forest", "Ocean", and "Sunset". 


3 theme color concept 

"Forest" ... the shade of the forest from the growing trees. 

"Ocean (Ocean)" ... the large ocean spreading from the beach and spreading. 

"Sunset" ... A breathtaking sunset and shadows seen from the coast. 


A5 size could easily fit in hand yet not too small for writing and drawing.  



● Use <5 mm special grid> for ruled lines. 

By thickening the vertical and horizontal axes in the center of the grid, we considered ruled lines that can be used in various ways. One page can be divided into two or four. 


● On the front cover of Umora and Umora gold foil pushed, 

It's a little sticky note. 


● Can be plugged into the "note cover file" of the fly height series. 


● Number of pages: 50 sheets

● Made in Japan