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Lantern · LED light (hand lamp), circulator, is a multi-function lantern that has four functions that mobile battery.
From outdoor to home use, is an excellent item do a single 4 roles in a wide range of scene.

In outdoor scenes, essential items (such as lanterns and mobile battery), it had to be prepared separately.
By having the four functions in one item (lanthanum · LED light (hand lamp) circulator mobile battery), you can packing to the minimum necessary.

In addition, the design is adopted the olive color of the Military of the epidemic.
You familiar with the various scenes in the "curvilinear cute form" × "clunky Military color".
The lantern, directed the atmosphere of calm adopted a light bulb color,
if you use as indirect lighting, also photos shine.

Four functions .....

[1] lantern function
by adopting a light bulb color of the LED light director makes a warm atmosphere.
Brightness stage of, strength (220 lumens) → Medium (110 lumens) → weak also ensure (50 lumens) and the firm brightness.

0.2W 5730 SMD, 6000-6500K

lighting time (strong) about 4 hours (full charge)
lighting time (middle) about 7 hours (full charge)
lighting time (weak) about 12 hours (when fully charged)


[2] LED (hand lamp) function
by hanging, it can be used as a hand lamp.
Brightness stage of the strength (80 lumens) → Medium (40 lumens) → weak (20 lumens). You can ensure a sufficient brightness to illuminate the hand.

1W, COB 6000-6500K

lighting time (strong) about 8 hours (full charge at the time)
lighting time (middle) about 15 hours (full charge)
lighting time (weak) about 24 hours (when fully charged)

[3] circulator function
circulator for the purpose of circulation of air.
Tent is, inevitably tend muffled air. Of us are active at such time this circulator function.
※ winter for us to circulate the air, which was muffled in tents in the stove.

Uptime (strong) about 4 hours (full charge at the time)
running time (middle) about 8 hours (full charge)
running time (weak) about 12 hours (when fully charged)

[4] mobile battery function
4000mAh lithium polymer battery mounting.
It can be charged items of portable and rechargeable.
※ mobile charger about 2 times

3.7V 4000mAh (2000 × 2) lithium polymer battery
Input and output voltage / current 5V / 1A

Charging time (USB) about 9 hours

Size: diameter 113mm × height 196Mm
Weight: 389g

Material composition: ● Main Material polypropylene