日本職人製 咖啡濾杯-金色

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eN product 總設計師浅野 雅晴於1978年在日本福崗縣出身。其空間設計公司核心理念為「以建築設計為軸心, 帶出衣食住的新價值來豐盛生活」。

2012, 他們成立了自己的生活品牌「eNproduct」,並與各傳統工藝製作所合作,開發以身物生活相關小事物為產品中心。

產品選用的物料都是基於其本則並以功能性美學為本。透過時間洗禮和生活中的使用互動而將產品的質感融進生活之中, 承傳日本製品對觸覺的追求。

eNproduct is a new brand that finds the balance between functionality and simple silhouettes, introducing a series of items to enjoy a good coffee time.

An innovative coffee dripper, a stylish coffee filter stand and an elegant measuring spoon, which are some basic items to start a day with a good cup of coffee.

For those who have never used a coffee dripper, you can make good coffee with it because it is easy to see and adjust the hot water that is poured into the filter and no gas is accumulated between the dripper and the filter.

It is easy to clean and washable as well.

Size: dia100 x h78mm