Luckies 城市全景和紙膠帶

  • 促銷熱賣
  • HK$20.00
  • 定價 HK$65.00

Introducing one of the newest additions to our tape family – City Tape. Pick between London, Paris and New York. With 3 rolls in every pack, adding up 9 metres of tape in total, stick up your memos, postcards, polaroids, or wrap those gifts you brought back from your holiday (you did get people gifts, right?). By layering up the tape, you can even recreate the skylines of each individual city. Perfect for photo albums and travel journals.

London – Red

Paris – Yellow

New York – Blue


  • Material: Tape, card
  • Layer tape for full skyline effect
  • 3 variations - London, Paris, and New York
  • Comes in Red, yellow, or blue