Luckies Chill Bill 雪櫃除臭器

  • 促銷熱賣
  • HK$43.00
  • 定價 HK$86.00

Fill with baking soda and place in the fridge to absorb unwanted smells.

Chill Bill is a plastic penguin you fill with baking soda and he’ll soak up all those food odours for you. Small enough to tuck in the door, and won’t take up too much of that precious shelf space, you won’t even know he’s there until you realise you no longer have to open your fridge door wearing a gas mask.

No matter the size of the fridge, or the contents, Bill has your back. Don’t forget to change the baking soda for fresh every now and again. He’s a penguin, not a wizard.


  •  Materials: ABS, silicone

Product dimensions

  •  10.1 x 6.5 x 5.3 cm