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Tianlong kiln light blue glass glaze irregular bowl

Tianlong kiln light blue glass glaze irregular bowl

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"Tenryu Kiln" is located in Hagi kiln in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Focusing on simplicity in design, we insist on making containers with the concept of warm containers typical of pottery. Hagi-yaki, also known as Goryeo-yaki, originated from the Moori clan of Keicho who migrated to Japan and brought the skills of potters such as Li Shoguang from the Korean Peninsula to Japan. Tenryu Kiln preserves the 400 -year-old tradition of Hagi ware. One of the characteristics of Hagi ware is the soft and pure texture of the pottery. Due to the special porosity of Hagi-yaki, the tea will seep into the glaze with continued use, gradually changing the color of the work. This phenomenon is called "The Seven Changes of Hagi".

With the glass glaze as the overall focus, it flows from the side of the bowl to the bottom of the bowl, making each piece different, and the unique pattern is the most precious achievement.

Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 5.5 cm
Material: Ceramic Origin: Japan

*Due to handmade products, color, shape, size, etc. may vary slightly.

*Before the first use, wash with water and soak for half a day to remove the odor and dust on the packaging material.

*The bottom of the bowl is not glazed and not smooth, in order not to hurt the table, it is recommended to use a placemat when using.

*If food with heavy ingredients such as acid, grease, and alcohol is stored for a long time, it will cause stains, peculiar smell, and stickiness. Avoid storing such items for extended periods of time.

* Avoid using in the microwave, it may cause the glaze to discolor or crack.

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