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Wealth quicksand table deduction - The Sims golden 40 years

Wealth quicksand table deduction - The Sims golden 40 years

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2-Hour Wealth Quicksand Deduction - Sims Golden Years 40 Years

There is only one life in a person, and there is never a chance to rehearse. How do you choose your path?
If we have a game that can simulate the course of your life, can you learn more about yourself, explore your unknown self, and make your life choices more correct and smooth?

Wealth quicksand table is your deduction opportunity

Wealth Quicksand is a board game that integrates oriental traditional culture and western wealth ideas to help participants improve their ability to use wealth.
The difference from general financial and business board games and cash flow games is that in the process of sand table deduction, players have to learn to use the five elements of time, energy, contacts, ability, and money, and they must also be sensitive to investment projects and money control Spend. Through the way of simulating life in the board game of wealth flow, improve your decision-making ability in real life, achieve your life goals, and start your life of getting rich along the flow!

【Financial quotient + emotional quotient + play quotient + adverse quotient】

A wealth game that combines time, energy, connections and wisdom. In the quicksand of wealth, you can learn:
► Simulate the process that will happen in real life, learn to face changes, cope with challenges, and make correct decisions ► Learn the correct investment thinking, improve financial IQ, and find the key to financial freedom ► Identify blind spots in your life early and learn to change , Make Up ► Learn the secrets of how to go from nothing to full, rich and joyful

Event date and time : yes reserve
If you want to arrange other days, or want to inquire about Baotang, please email for inquiries.

Activity time: 2 hours

Minimum number of people: 4 people

Maximum number of people: 6 people

COOLISTIC Kwun Tong Shop No. 117 How Ming Street Harbor Trade Center Room 02, 10th Floor ( APM Direct access to the shopping mall at the exit of Qiaoming Street, no need to walk on the ground street)


If the event needs to be canceled due to insufficient number of people, we will notify you one week before the event and arrange a full refund.

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