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Korean Incense Class (Incense|Tower Incense)

Korean Incense Class (Incense|Tower Incense)

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Lighting incense sticks can purify the space and soothe the soul. The workshop not only allows you to experience the process of making incense sticks, tower incense, backflow incense, and styling incense, but also allows you to focus on activities, reduce mental distress and enhance concentration, and relax your body and mind.

Handmade incense sticks have a long history. Lighting incense sticks can purify the space and soothe the soul, which is a part of life

The scent of incense sticks also helps to relax the mind, reduce mental distress and enhance focus

The workshop will teach the use of natural herbal materials to make essential oil incense sticks and tower incense, and will also provide recipes. Students can also make their favorite incense sticks at home in the future.



-Explain the characteristics of face powder

-Explain the formula of aromatherapy essential oil

- Make incense sticks and tower incense

Finished product: about 6 sticks of incense sticks, 5-8 pieces of tower incense

Activity Length: 2 hours

Minimum number of people: 4 people

The maximum number of people in the event: unlimited


COOLISTIC Tsuen Wan Store

Room 2101H, 21/F, Nan Fung Center

COOLISTIC Kwun Tong Store

117 How Ming Street Room 02, 10th Floor, Harbor Trade Center ( APM Qiaoming Street exit shopping mall directly, no need to walk on the ground street)

If you wish to provide outreach services, please specify in the enquiry.


The content of the activity is determined by the instructor

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