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Studio Hilla Baby Diaper Storage Bag (Made in Japan)

Studio Hilla Baby Diaper Storage Bag (Made in Japan)

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Hilla means Cloudberry in Finnish

Selected materials designed and manufactured by Finnish designers (materials made in Finland)
And a variety of Scandinavian-style groceries of good quality are made locally in Japan
Make the busy and unchanging life a little more lively and comfortable
Fresh, unique and refreshing design
Wherever you take it, you can feel the natural and unique temperament of the user

Not many mothers like to search and buy beautiful baby products, even if you take your baby to the street, you can look stylish. The Studio Hilla Baby Diaper Organizer is beautifully designed with an inner pocket for easy storage of small items.

The diaper bag also has a handle position, it is very convenient to hold the BB and hold it in the nursery room~

  • Finnish fabric + Made in China
  • Material: pure cotton + nylon fabric
  • Size: about width 26cm x height 20cm x depth 7.5cm
  • Product weight: 0.17kg
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