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Small utensils-aluminum section with pot (with wooden cover)

Small utensils-aluminum section with pot (with wooden cover)

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There are 15.5cm and 18.5cm models respectively.

Hokuriku Aluminum was established in 1930 and was born in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. One of the leading production scales of aluminum frying pans and pans in Japan. The unique casting technology and anodizing technology and the craftsmen in the workshop make the best kitchen utensils.

It is made in the gold commonly used in the Showa period, bringing out the nostalgic taste of the 50s and 60s.


Showa Vintage Gold Kitchenware Series

Antique golden aluminum oxide film treatment, make aluminum contact with air and form an oxide film on the surface, protect the aluminum surface and prevent corrosion. Its corrosion resistance is 3 times higher than other methods, and its wear resistance is also 1.6 times higher.

15.5cm model: 21/ 16.6 (inner gauge) (L) x  8.5cm (H) Height with handle: 10.9cm / Thickness: 1.0mm / Capacity: 1.3L / Weight: About 245g

18.5cm model : 23.6/ 19.6 ( internal gauge ) (L) x  9.3cm (H) Height : 11.8cm / Thickness : 1.7mm / Capacity : 1.9L / Weight : About 445g

Made in Japan

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