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Otta Half Square Handkerchief OT-23

Otta Half Square Handkerchief OT-23

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Otta is taken from the Japanese word for "folding in half", and as the name suggests, it is half of a traditional square scarf. In order to solve the problem that the traditional thick square towel is folded and put into the pocket, and the problem of weak water absorption of thin square towel. Making handkerchiefs half the size of traditional handkerchiefs from 100% cotton, Otta solved two problems at the same time. This product has a folded line sewn into the middle, which greatly reduces the thickness of the folded handkerchief. With 100% cotton, the water absorption is absolutely strong.

Each Otta handkerchief is labelled " Imabari Towel " ( Imabari towel ) , which is synonymous with premium towels produced in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Size: 25x12.5 cm

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