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Smoked kusuberu/ smoked tea

Smoked kusuberu/ smoked tea

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Tell the taste of this tea. The smoky flavor is strong and can spread far, this smell is also a manifestation of ancient prosperity. Therefore, the pattern of the city pine and the fan, which represents prosperity and extension, is used, and it is made with flowing lines.

It is suitable for people who need to settle down and change their mentality.

Tea introduction:
It has a unique smoky taste, which enhances the level of the tea, and the smoky taste will travel in the mouth and nasal cavity, making the original mellow aroma of the tea stronger.

On the border between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, there is a mountainous area called "Sayama Hills". In the north of the hills, the tea produced in Saitama Prefecture is called "Sayama tea", and in the south, the tea produced in Tokyo is called "Tokyo Sayama tea", or "Tokyo tea".

Packing: 2g tea bags x3
Place of Origin: Sayama, Tokyo

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