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Honglian Curry Gallbladder (380g)

Honglian Curry Gallbladder (380g)

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"Hong Lian Curry Gallbladder" was developed by the founder, Mr. Wu Bi, by combining the essence of curry from Asian and European countries and using more than 20 kinds of spices. It is 100% made in Hong Kong and the taste is most suitable for Hong Kong people.

Curry gallbladder is a concentrated formula, and the taste is the most even when made at a ratio of about 1:3. It can also be changed according to personal taste.

Curry gall contains no preservatives. It is formulated with whole oil and uses cooking oil to separate impurities from moisture and wall juice. Therefore, please use a clean and dry spoon to take the curry gallbladder. Do not put any food utensils with moisture or other substances in it, which may cause deterioration and mold.

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