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丗SOU | 東京茶

Burnt akiraka/hoji sencha

Burnt akiraka/hoji sencha

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Refers to the gorgeous appearance of tea leaves when they are burned. Combining the traditional Chinese gauze-shaped handle with the Japanese traditional snow wheel handle, just like the historical essence of "tea", people can immerse themselves in the mellow history of tea.

It is suitable for gifting to elders or people who have known each other for a long time.

Tea introduction:
Sayama tea leaves and stems are roasted at high temperature to make them aromatic and brown. High temperature roasting reduces the bitterness and astringency of the tea, and highlights the refreshing flavor. Suitable to match with various meals or pastries without limitation; Both hot and cold can be used to quench thirst.

On the border between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, there is a mountainous area called "Sayama Hills". In the north of the hills, the tea produced in Saitama Prefecture is called "Sayama tea", and in the south, the tea produced in Tokyo is called "Tokyo Sayama tea", or "Tokyo tea".

Packing: 2g tea bags x3
Place of Origin: Sayama, Tokyo

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