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Star cat four cat sisters long dish

Star cat four cat sisters long dish

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Xindao Fan Gao from Fugang, I have always believed that time with my family at the dinner table is very important, So I established 716 studio with my wife , and used the familiar and favorite objects and animals around as the theme. For example, bread, rice balls, cats, etc. are created into different food containers.

Japanese craftsmanship

Star cat four cats sisters long dish

The four cat sisters are close together, waiting for you to put delicious food, such as a grilled fish, and the scene becomes more interesting. The glaze and curvature of the disc body will be different, just like people, each has its own personality.

M: Length 26.5cm, Width 9cm, Thickness 1.5cm

*Because each product is handmade by craftsmen, there will be slight differences or small flaws in handmade products, such as color shades, etc. attention please.

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