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Select the best ingredients from all over Japan, including Hokkaido milk, Yamagata prefecture cherries, Yamanashi prefecture white peaches, Fukuoka prefecture strawberries and more. Coupled with the exquisite production method, it is made into Baumkuchen, jelly, popcorn, etc.

In addition to the Western-style production method, there are also traditional Japanese wagashi ingredients, such as soybean powder, black honey, etc.

This gift box from Japan is definitely a surprise and high-end gift choice.

*Limited supply of gift boxes, while stocks last.

Fashionable gift box made in Japan

Elegant and high-end Japanese Tokyo Sayama tea gift box

Exquisitely crafted by Japanese craftsmen

Not only most of the ingredients are domestically produced in Japan, but all of them are carefully prepared by craftsmen in Japanese factories. The food in the gift box not only has a pleasing appearance, but the taste also brings surprises.

Simple yet premium packaging

The streamlined design arranges the colorful fruits neatly. Through color contrast and shape coordination, the design of the entire gift box expresses a Japanese aesthetic point of view.

Blending Japanese Tradition and Modern Taste

Using traditional Japanese ingredients, combined with modern and Western-style preparation methods, you will give your family and friends a gift box that not only has traditional Japanese flavors, but is presented in modern food. All ages can enjoy.

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