Zero Japan

ZERO JAPAN 在1992年創立,總部在歧阜縣。歧阜擁有很長的陶製品製作歷史。Zero Japan 則以傳統技術配上日本的新科技融合來創作他們的新產品。


ZERO JAPAN INC. was established in 1992. Gifu pref. especially around our area called MINO.
A history of producing the ceramic ware is very old.
It started from hundreds of years ago.
We tried to learn the traditional skills from the history and combine the new technique to produce our products.
We have been trying to keep our ideology since the beginning. It consists of three concepts.
Good Looking, The Good Touch and very useful.
These three simple concepts make our products so special.
We also design our new items based on these ideas.
ZERO JAPAN is proud to introduce ‘Made in Japan’ on all of our original products.