METAPHYS 是一家日本的設計公司, 希望探究如何以設計來支持工業生產。他們認為「設計」的定義是超過只是顏色與形狀。


METAPHYS endeavors to simply challenge how much “design” can support industrial manufacturing. They would like to emphasize, that the term “design” used within this context, refers to that beyond colors and shapes. Various companies within different professions gather as a single brand with a single concept, and by looking closely at each agenda of the company, we aim to reevaluate their message and explore their core substance. Although each company holds a different status, and caters for different markets, the message that can be sent with one accord as a METAPHYS partner comes with edification and the CSR, and is able to produce resonance that could not otherwise be achieved with a single company.